SAN FRANCISCO — Holy Grail Steak Co., an online purveyor of Kobe Beef and other quality meats, announced it would be the exclusive online retailer of Santa Carota Beef.

Before this agreement, Santa Carota was only available in select butcher shops and top US restaurants like Wolfgang Puck's CUT in Beverly Hills, Calif., and Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen in Las Vegas.

The beef comes from cows raised on the Pettit family’s third generation cattle ranch. A few years ago, the family started finishing their grass-fed cattle with carrots alone. Santa Carota Beef said it now raises its cattle with a 95% carrot-based diet which means lower saturated fat and more vitamins such as B12 and beta carotene. Additionally, all beef products are non-GMO and hormone and antibiotic-free.

"The Pettit family runs a remarkable ranch that combines a sustainable, holistic approach with compassion for the cattle and the land," said Cameron Hughes, founder of Holy Grail Steak Co. "They've got everything we look for in a top-notch producer partner. Santa Carota Beef is truly unique and has a depth of flavor I've not experienced in other grass-fed products. I expect it will be wildly popular with our customers."

The Holy Grail Santa Carota collection will launch a product line with ribeyes, strips, filets, and tomahawks, and a much-anticipated 70/30 Santa Carota burger blend is coming soon.