WINNIPEG, MANITOBA – Marie-Claude Bibeau, Canada’s Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, announced an investment of up to C$1.4 million over two years to improve farm safety. The investment provides the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) with funding to provide farm safety tools and advice to Canada’s agriculture industry.

The announcement also served as the kickoff to the 2021 Canadian Agriculture Safety Week with a theme of “Lead an AgSafe Canada.” Between March 14 and 20, CASA will be showcasing farm safety initiatives and programs across Canada and continuing to provide farm safety learning opportunities to rural emergency responders and firefighters and providing online health and safety training courses to farm workers.

“CASA is in a position to continue to support initiatives and work with our partners to equip producers, their families, and their workers with the information and tools needed to make farms a safe place to live, work and play,” said Carolyn Van Den Heuvel, chair, Canadian Agricultural Safety Association. “We appreciate the continued support of AAFC and their commitment to safe and healthy farms across Canada.”

In an average year, agricultural fatalities account for the deaths of over 100 adults and children in Canada, according to the government. Canadian Agricultural Safety Week (CASW) is an annual campaign held the third week of March. The event highlights essential training and tools available to farmers and stakeholders relating to existing and emerging safety concerns at the farm level.

The investment, which is funded through the AgriCompetitiveness program, also facilitates a series of initiatives that promote farm safety for producers, their families and workers. Activities include awareness raising, community engagement, and the development and maintenance of safety resources and tools to address existing and emerging safety needs at the provincial and national level.

“Agricultural producers work in an environment that presents many safety risks. Through various training and resources, including programs designed for children, the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association provides life-saving tools,” Bibeau said. “This new investment from the federal government supports these excellent initiatives that protect our farm families.”