DENISON, IOWA – Quality Food Processors (QFP) announced it would be raising its starting hourly wage by $2 an hour beginning on March 1.

QFP said the starting pay for starting shift will now be $15.25 per hour and second shift wages will be raised to $17.25 per hour. The bacon processing company plans to invest more than $1 million in increases for wages, bonuses and incentives. 

“We are pulling out all the stops and moving forward with a bold, concerted effort to invest in our team, their future, and the future of our company,” said Eric Kohler, general manager of Quality Food Processors. “I am very proud of the quality work we’ve been able to achieve, and this endeavor opens a new chapter for Quality Food Processors.”

QFP currently employs 240 workers. However, with the new investment, is looking for 100 more employees.

Along with an increase in starting pay, the company introduced a new performance-based program. The system will be for employees who meet or exceed production volumes throughout the year. 

“With a suitable number of employees, we are confident that these goals are easily attainable,” Kohler said. “Prior to COVID, we were consistently processing the benchmark quantities we are aiming for with this program. It is achievable; we simply need additional staffing.”