The Progressive Beef Program from Manhattan, Kan.-based Beef Marketing Group continues to grow as consumers and feedlot operators alike want more information on where their meat comes from in the supply chain.

MEAT+POULTRY covered this collective when it launched in 2018, but after recent news that Wendy’s will soon source 40% of its beef from the Progressive Beef program, an update on the cattle management and sustainability initiative was warranted.

The MEAT+POULTRY Podcast guest for this week is John Butler, chief executive officer of Progressive Beef. He explains why the collective continues to see high interest in the industry.

Butler addresses the basics of the Progressive Beef Program and the auditing process to get a feedlot certified with their standards.

He also details what parts of the United States have adopted the program and the benefits it offers feeders and beef processing companies.

Butler also recaps his career path leading up to Progressive Beef and the goals he hopes to accomplish in the future.

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