SILOAM SPRINGS, ARK. – Broiler breeder management improvement for poultry producers is the focus of the latest guidelines published by Cobb-Vantress Inc., a subsidiary of Tyson Foods Inc. Management of feed, chicks and water are addressed in the handbook-style guide as well as egg handling and on-farm biosecurity recommendations. The company said the goal of the Cobb Broiler Breeder Management Guide is to support its customers’ efforts to improve yield, feed conversion and maintain healthy flocks.

New information in the guide addresses the education of producers about broiler nutrition; tracking the production progress of flocks; managing feed during rearing and production; water quality and management; and directions for cleaning housing units used for breeder production. Also new is information on flock depletion, ventilation for breeder housing and light trap use.

Cody Polley, director of world tech support for Cobb said the guidelines are designed to share the company’s expertise and newest findings with its global customer base. 

“This broiler breeder handbook is important to customers and helps make quality protein accessible, healthy, and affordable worldwide,” he said.

“These robust guides are unlike any others in the industry and one of the many ways Cobb supports customers,” Polley said.

The Breeder Management Guide also offers updated recommendations covering broiler placement, lighting, segregating birds, management of males, egg collection and egg grading.

“This handbook strives to help customers achieve the full potential of parent breeding stock,” Polley added.