BRIDGEWATER, NJ – Applegate Farms kicked off the year with a survey of more than 1,000 adults to gain insight into their New Year's resolution plans related to better eating in 2021. The organic meat company, which is a subsidiary of Hormel Foods Corp., Austin, Minn., found that 72% of those surveyed believe meat should be part of a healthy diet and 55% are resolving to cut back on sugar. 

Despite the rising popularity of plant-based trends and lab-created meat substitutes, the survey found 58% of adults have no plans to consume less meat in 2021 and illustrated how consumers are seeking natural and organic meat products with clean ingredients and meat that is humanely raised. 

Key survey takeaways include:  

  • Clean labels/ingredients: 41% said that clean labels/ingredients are important when purchasing meat products. 
  • Natural or organic: 40% think it's important to choose natural or organic options when purchasing meat products. 
  • Humanely raised: More than one-third (38%) said selecting humanely raised meat is important to them. 
  • Convenience: About one in three (34%) adults think convenience is important when purchasing meat products. 
  • Nutritionals: 30% of adults say nutritionals are important to them when purchasing meat products. 
  • Hold the sugar: 55% stated that in 2021 they want to cut down on sugar. 
  • More veggies please: Nearly half (48%) of Americans do not believe they are eating enough vegetables every day. 
  • Kitchen fatigue is real: About one in three (37%) admitted that they have experienced some level of kitchen fatigue and have started to cook more frozen foods. This includes nearly one-in-four (23%) who would be willing to cook with more frozen foods if there were more nutritious options. 

"Whether or not consumers are making a new year's resolution to eat better in 2021, it's important to us that the Applegate brand continues to be a brand that offers a wide variety of clean, crave-able, natural and organic meats," said Nicole Glenn, Applegate’s vice president of brand strategy and innovation. "It's clear that Americans want to keep meat on the table in 2021 and we look forward to providing conscientious carnivores with meats held to high standards in a new year filled with high hopes." 

Meeting consumer demands, Applegate pointed out that its products have no GMO ingredients, no chemical nitrates or nitrites, and are made with meat that is humanely raised with no antibiotics. Applegate also offers a no-sugar portfolio consisting of more than 30 products, including Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Slow Cooked Ham, and No Sugar Bacon, for those looking to remove sugar from their diet. 

For the 48% of those surveyed who didn’t believe they're eating enough veggies, Applegate offers its Well Carved line of frozen burgers and meatballs, which blends organic meat with organic vegetables, legumes, and grains.