There’s a new novel eco-friendly and energy-efficient food preservation method that claims to keep meat fresh and juicy for up to two years without refrigeration or the use of preservatives. Developed by IXON Food Technology, Hong Kong, the technology has the potential to reduce food waste, leading to more worldwide supply without increasing meat production.

“Our product has the taste of fresh meat with the shelf life and convenience of canned meat, and uses very little energy, unlike frozen meat,” said Felix Cheung, co-founder and chief executive officer. “You can have perfectly cooked meals at home or in a restaurant within the snap of a finger. Freezer burns, defrosting and bad cooking will become a thing of the past.”

Referred to as “ASAP,” which stands for “advanced sous-vide aseptic packaging,” the technology enables food to be sterilized at a gentle 140° F, rather than the high heat traditionally used in canning that can negatively impact moisture and flavor. The process uses sous-vide methods to retain taste and then the meat is aseptically packaged with extra virgin olive oil to preserve freshness. The fully cooked meat warms quickly, usually within two minutes on high heat. The technology has successfully been applied to beef sirloin and pork chops.