Dutch company, meatless, is expanding into the United States with its proprietary line of texturized rice flour ingredients for the manufacture of blended meat and poultry products. This hypoallergenic ingredient can be used to replace as much as half the meat in burger-type products.

It’s a tasteless ingredient that appears on ingredient statements as simply “rice flour” or “rice.” Much like rice grains, the texturized ingredient absorbs moisture, contributing succulence while reducing fat content. Available in frozen and dehydrated forms, the rice comes in white and brown colors to allow for varied meat applications.

Blended techniques have been developed for beef, chicken, lamb and pork products with no negative impact on juiciness, softness or fat experience. The texturized rice flour ingredients are not made by extrusion techniques, which makes them very different from traditional texturized vegetable proteins, according to the company.