SAN ANTONIO – The latest monthly COVID-19 impact reports put together by 210 Analytics and IRI shows meat continuing to see the highest year-over-year growth with dollar sales up 11.8%.

Dollar wise, lamb (up 30%) was the top performing meat. Beef was up 14.8%, chicken was up 6.3%, turkey was up 9.2% and pork was up 9.7%. 

“Everyday demand continues to hold between 10% and 15% above year ago levels as new COVID-19 case counts continue to rise and fall in different regions of the country,” said Anne-Marie Roerink, president of 210 Analytics. “However, renewed shelter-in-place restrictions and rising COVID-19 cases are likely to push more dollars to food retail once more. Additionally, the comeback of restaurants is hampered by colder temperatures in northern states. Aided by the effect of online sales, trip reduction, virtual schooling and working-from-home, meat sales are likely to remain well above 2019 levels for many weeks to come. However, holiday demand is likely going to be very different.” 

As in previous months, the deli department is still seeing mixed results, but signs of recovery are evident as the department came in just 4.7% below 2019 sales numbers.

Deli prepared still experienced the hardest hit in September, coming in at 17.3% below 2019 sales. Deli meat was 12.2% above and deli cheese 13.2% above.”