KANSAS CITY, MO. – In 2020, Thanksgiving will look different from the traditional feasts and large in-home gatherings many Americans are used to. Yes, there will be turkey, sides and football with smaller groups of people, but how much turkey will people need compared to previous years?

With smaller family gatherings expected to be prevalent this year due to concerns over COVID-19, consumers are flocking to smaller turkeys.

For this week’s MEAT+POULTRY Podcast we looked at this trend with Sophie Mellet-Grinnell, meat and poultry expert, foodservice professional and market specialist at Bronx, NY-based Baldor Specialty Foods.

Mellet-Grinnell explained how she and fellow buyer, Kevin Lindgren, worked through the turkey market in 2020. They felt early on that the demand for bigger turkeys would decline.

During Part 1 of this interview, Mellet-Grinnell talked about the reasoning behind Baldor's focus on smaller turkeys. She also described how the company selects its producers, including Koch Turkey Farm in Pennsylvania and Joyce Farms in North Carolina.

In next Friday’s podcast, Mellet-Grinnell will discuss Baldor’s shift to home delivery and the company’s outlook on meat distribution during Thanksgiving and throughout the pandemic.

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