CHICAGO — Devanco Foods announced on Nov. 3 that Walmart will add its beef bacon product in certain Midwest and Northeast stores.

"Devanco Foods Hickory Smoked Beef Bacon is 100% made in America for consumers that are looking for a pork alternative, and lovers of bacon and beef," said Peter Bartzis, chief executive officer and president of Devanco Foods. "America loves bacon and Devanco Foods Hickory Smoked Beef Bacon fits the diets of all Americans."

The company said its cured whole-muscle beef bacon cooks in half the time as traditional pork bacon with fewer calories, fat and sodium.

The retail package features 10 oz of the beef bacon product and is part of Walmart’s “Made in the USA” product initiative.

In January 2020, Devanco Foods acquired the exclusive rights to all patents and intellectual property for Schmacon Beef Bacon.