LOS ANGELES – Red meat producer and exporter, Silver Fern Farms, headquartered in New Zealand, has launched premium beef rib eye, New York strip steaks in combination with its grass-fed retail range in 15 Jons Fresh Marketplace (Los Angeles), Major Market, and Stumps Family Market (San Diego) retail stores.

"Southern California has quickly become an influential forerunner in the movement towards environmental sustainability across many different industries and interest including both food and agriculture," said Matt Luxton, Silver Fern Farms US Country Manager. "However, what is most impressive about Southern California's dining and cooking scene is that home cooks and professional chefs alike have continued to elevate their flavors in lockstep with their progressive preference for ingredient quality. We believe that Silver Fern Farms' sustainable chain of care and superior flavor profiles will be a hit with Californians from all walks of life and we are excited to see how our retail range will be incorporated into the many cuisines and cultures of the state."

Sliver Fern entered the US retail market in 2019 in the New York Tri-State region. It’s retail range, consisting of beef, lamb, and venison products, is now available in 33 stores in the region. The company raises grass-fed animals in New Zealand pastures with clean water. Silver Fern Farms' entire retail range is also certified paleo and keto. The Silver Fern Farms retail beef and lamb products are also Halal.

Master graders from Silver Fern Farms hand select the rib eyes and New York strips using the EQ system, a science-backed grading process that rates beef on seven criteria proven to contribute to the eating quality of red meat, allowing Silver Fern Farms to guarantee a better beef eating experience. The seven scientific factors are ultimate pH, marbling, ossification, rib fat/total rib fat, meat color, fat color and eye muscle.