JACKSONVILLE, FLA. — While online ordering has increased across many industries, clicking for groceries especially is spiking, according to a survey from Jacksonville-based Worldpay from FIS, a payments technology company. Likewise, restaurants are category leaders in delivery.

Worldpay surveyed 2,028 US consumers in June and asked them questions about online ordering and delivery services. In total, 58% of respondents said they were spending more online than they did before the coronavirus (COVID-19).

“E-commerce is revolutionary for innovative technologies, inspired merchants and for the consumers that benefit from virtually unlimited choice, competitive pricing and exceptional experiences,” Worldpay by FIS said. “With COVID-19, e-commerce has become more: a genuinely essential component of the modern human fabric.”

When asked what they were ordering online more than before the pandemic, 38% said groceries, which ranked ahead of at-home entertainment, including streaming, at 30%, household goods at 29%, health and beauty items at 20%, electronics at 16%, and clothing and footwear at 10%.

Fifty-eight percent said they were ordering more restaurant takeout, curbside pickup and delivery, and 61% said they felt an obligation to support their favorite dine-in restaurants more than usual going forward.

The number of visits to restaurants may stay lower, though, as 7% said they were likely to eat out five times a month or more in a “new normal,” which compared to 17% prior to COVID-19.

Worldpay from FIS asked about different delivery services, too. The survey showed 42% made more purchases through their mobile device than they did before COVID-19, and 26% tried a delivery service that was new to them. Within that 26%, 54% said they tried new grocery delivery services and 45% said they tried local restaurant delivery services.