KANSAS CITY, MO. — It is well known throughout the meat and poultry processing industry that today’s consumers place a high level of importance on animal welfare. They want assurance that companies allow animals raised for food to live the best life possible while under the care of producers.

The newly constructed Tyson Foods Broiler Welfare Research Farm provides data on what broilers prefer, how they react to conditions such as lighting and enrichments, while operating on the scale of a commercial production operation, ensuring the data collected is usable and the results of trials repeatable.

In this week’s podcast, Tyson’s senior director of animal welfare, Karen Christensen, discusses the broiler research farm and how she and her team use it to continuously improve the welfare of animals under the care of Tyson producers.

Read more about the Tyson Foods Broiler Welfare Research Farm in the November issue of MEAT+POULTRY.

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