SÃO PAULO – JBS S.A. announced this week that it plans to use blockchain technology for “Together for the Amazon,” a recently announced project of sustainability in the Amazon Biome.

The JBS Green Platform initiative will cross-check direct suppliers’ information to JBS with livestock transportation data from previous supply chain links. The company said blockchain will guarantee confidentiality and security of producers’ personal, commercial and sanitary information.

“We are publicly reiterating our commitment to the sustainability of the Amazon,” said Gilberto Tomazoni, global chief executive officer of JBS. “We hope to scale up, not only in combatting deforestation, but also in fostering the bio-economy, sustainable agriculture and social development.”

JBS stated that by 2025 it hopes to have the suppliers on the JBS Green Platform with its engagement campaigns. The meat producer plans to provide legal, environmental, and animal husbandry advice to assist producers with regularizing property and improving stewardship of the land.

JBS said that it has been monitoring 100% of its cattle suppliers, more than 50,000 farms, for more than a decade. Still, reports from Brazil among JBS suppliers and other beef processors have shown that the entire supply chain has not abided by zero tolerance for deforestation.

The “JBS Fund for the Amazon” was also announced to support sustainability projects in forest conservation and restoration along with socio-economic development. The company plans to contribute as much 250 million Brazilian reals ($44.8 million) over the first five years. JBS said the target for the fund is $1 billion Brazilian reals ($180.5 million) in 10 years with other stakeholders’ help.

The fund will be led by Joanita Maestri Karoleski, former CEO of Seara, with assistance from the board of directors, fiscal council, consultative council and a technical committee.