WASHINGTON — The North American Meat Institute, Cargill and the National Turkey Federation are among dozens of groups and associations in the United States that are lobbying US trade officials and Congress to remain in the World Trade Organization (WTO).

In a Sept. 23 letter, the groups acknowledged that reforms need to be made but referenced the success of the foreign export market since 1995. The group said that 20% of overall agricultural production in the United States is exported to foreign markets.

“While the WTO has been beneficial for US agriculture, its rules have not kept pace with changes in the global economy, and improvement is needed to hold members accountable and improve the organizations’ governance,” the letter said.

The group also asked US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and eight US representatives and senators to enhance American agriculture’s ability to access markets and work on tariff improvements.

“Continued US membership and active participation will help ensure that necessary reforms are undertaken, and that the WTO will continue to play an important and effective role in economic development of the United States and our trading partners,” the letter said.