GREENSBORO, NC – Novalent Biotech Inc., biotechnology engineering firm, recently announced that Dr. Scott Brooks, senior vice president of Food Safety and Quality Assurance at Tyson Foods, was appointed to Novalent’s Scientific Advisory Board.  

Brooks began working for Tyson in Dec. 2019.

“After an extensive one-year global search, we are proud to have an executive of Scott’s caliber join our Scientific Advisory team,” said Kevin Parrish, chief executive officer of Novalent. “Scott has been the most senior executive responsible for food safety at three of America’s largest food companies and in our view is one of the most sought-after thought leaders in food safety globally.” 

Brooks previously worked at Kraft Heinz as senior vice president and head of food safety. He also worked the same position at PepsiCo.

“I have been impressed with Novalent’s groundbreaking technology, research and engineering capabilities since our first discussions in 2017 and I and look forward to advising the team to help Novalent bring critical life-saving protection to their food producing clients in the US and across the world,” Brooks said.

Novalent recently developed patented technology which provides a safe and protective antimicrobial layer on surfaces that continuously inhibits the growth of bacteria for up to 90 days. In 2019, the firm received Environmental Protection Agency approval for use of the antimicrobial on food-contact surfaces. It has not received EPA approval against viruses.