HONG KONG – Impossible Foods’ newest product, Impossible Sausage, is making its debut in Hong Kong, the first international market for the sausage product. The California-based company first launched the patty at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Six months later, 22,000 stores across the United States now carry the Impossible Sausage.

Customers in Hong Kong can now buy the plant-based sausage patty in breakfast sandwiches at 200 coffee shops with additional restaurants to come throughout the month of September. Locations include Fini’s, Franks Italian American, Triple O’s and URBAN.

“Unprecedented demand for Impossible Sausage is a clear signal to incumbent industry: Consumers are accelerating the shift to a plant-based food system,” said Dr. Patrick O. Brown, founder and chief executive officer of Impossible Foods. “This is particularly true in Asia, where pork dominates the meat market yet represents catastrophic threats to public health and the natural environment.”

Impossible Foods chose Hong Kong to debut the sausage patty due to its reputation as a culinary hotspot.

Impossible Foods publicly states its ultimate goal is “to eliminate the need for animal agriculture worldwide.” The debut of the patty in Hong Kong adds to that goal as Asia’s meat consumption represents 44% of the world’s demand.