WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been petitioned by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association to reconsider its finding that human-caused greenhouse gas (G.H.G.) emissions are an endangerment to public health and welfare (“endangerment finding”).

Filed recently by N.C.B.A. and other members of the Coalition for Responsible Regulation, the petition is based upon information uncovered during the recent “climategate” scandal, which seriously calls into question the scientific validity behind E.P.A’s finding, N.C.B.A. relays. The petition was signed by N.C.B.A.; the Coalition for Responsible Regulation Inc.; Industrial Minerals Association – North America; Great Northern Project Development L.P.; Rosebud Mining Company; Massey Energy Company; and Alpha Natural Resources Inc.

It’s become evident that E.P.A.’s endangerment finding may be based on flawed data, said Tamara Thies, N.C.B.A. chief environmental counsel. “The fact that E.P.A. did not choose to reconsider its finding after the extent of the climategate scandal was revealed publicly is perplexing to say the least; ignoring climategate will not make it go away,” she added.

Since “climategate” wasn’t exposed until after the public comment period of the endangerment proposed rule had expired, N.C.B.A. and the Coalition are calling on E.P.A. to convene a proceeding for reconsideration and stay any further regulatory actions or rulemakings based upon the finding until the reconsideration is completed., N.C.B.A. said.

“E.P.A. owes it to the American people to be sure a rule of this magnitude is based on accurate information, not fudged or fabricated temperature data,” Ms. Thies said. “Not only is the data questionable, but E.P.A. also unlawfully sub-delegated its duties under the Clean Air Act to foreign entities with the clear agenda of promoting the theory of human-caused climate change. It is not lawful for E.P.A.’s ‘scientific judgment’ to be based on foreign-alarmist agendas. Reconsideration of this rule is essential to restoring America’s trust on this issue.”

In the petition, E.P.A. is asked to convene a proceeding for reconsideration to thoroughly reevaluate E.P.A.’s heavy reliance upon the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (I.P.C.C.) reports, which have been called into fundamental question. As part of this proceeding, the petition asks that E.P.A.: prepare a complete and objective record for the reconsideration proceeding, which contains all the relevant scientific data, studies and viewpoints and is cleansed of questionable or one-sided data; obtain and fully disclose all computer programs, data and algorithms used to “homogenize” all temperature records upon which E.P.A. relies; subject the temperature records and programs to an independent review by qualified and objective scientists and statisticians; and determine whether or not there is any statistically valid demonstration of unprecedented global warming over the last century.

N.C.B.A. and the petitioners are also requesting a stay in any further regulatory actions or rulemakings, which are based upon the endangerment finding until these fundamental requirements of sound science, legal due process and valid administrative rulemakings are completed.

To read the full petition, visit: http://www.beefusa.org/uDocs/Petition-for-Reconsideration.pdf.