The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) and its Family Business Task Force is pleased to partner with MEAT+POULTRY on the “Family Business Focus” report highlighted in the upcoming September issue.

NAMI proudly represents family businesses in all aspects of the meat industry of varying size and complexity. NAMI has always recognized the importance of family businesses to the meat and poultry industry and has made it a priority to include programs and resources for family businesses at NAMI events and now in a virtual setting. We are pleased that our Family Business Focus partnership with MEAT+POULTRY announced earlier this year, has created a platform for sharing valuable information and resources for families in the industry.

The challenges of the past six months have highlighted the resiliency of family businesses and the importance of not losing sight of that strength in times of crisis. When long-term planning must temporarily take a back seat, it is important to maintain focus on the behaviors and values of the family business in order to stay the course.

Family Business leaders in the NAMI membership have shown time and again their willingness to help others in the industry by sharing their experiences. Succession planning, implementing board leadership and outside advisors, onboarding family associates, managing family dynamics, and conflict resolution are just a few of the topics NAMI members have shared and collaborated on in the past few years. We hope to be able to provide even more opportunities for collaboration in the years to come. If you have ideas for how NAMI can help your family business, we would love to hear them.