CINCINNATI — Recognizing the need to set longer-term targets that advance its performance and reflect its Zero Hunger Zero Waste social impact plan and mission, the Kroger Co. has identified several ways it plans to improve packaging of its Our Brands products by 2030.

First, Kroger said it plans to complete a baseline product packaging footprint to fully understand current packaging impacts.

Second, the retailer intends to achieve 100% recyclable, compostable and/or reusable packaging for all its Our Brands products.

A third goal identified by Kroger is to increase recycled content in packaging so that the Kroger Our Brands products portfolio collectively contains at least 10% recycled content in packaging.

The last two goals include reducing unnecessary packaging and increasing awareness among Kroger customers about how to properly manage Our Brands product packaging at end of life.

“We will leverage company resources, expertise and external partnerships where possible to advance progress on the above goals,” Kroger said. “We will also seek to advance system improvements needed for better end-of-life options for packaging, including recycling infrastructure.”

Kroger said a key part of achieving its goals will be offering customers innovative solutions to enable recycling and reuse of product packaging.

“As an example, Kroger is the exclusive US grocery retailer for Loop, the innovative reusable packaging platform,” Kroger said. “We plan to pilot an in-store activation of popular national brand and Our Brands items in reusable packaging in early 2021. Kroger also offers our customers in-store recycling programs for harder-to-recycle items, including plastic films like grocery bags, bread bags and plastic overwrap.”