SPRINGFIELD, ILL. – Turasky Meats, a Springfield, Ill.-based meat processor and co-packer of meat products and protein snacks, is adding a second production facility to house its Prairie Sky Snacks business. The new plant, just 10 minutes from its existing facility, will produce snack sticks, whole-muscle jerky, cooked sausages and other protein snacks.

The 15,000-square-foot expansion will create 25 jobs in the first year. Turasky Meats currently employs 25 people.

“We are excited to grow with our customers in our new facility,” said Brad Turasky, president of Turasky Meats. “Our process will be more streamlined for better efficiencies at both facilities.”

Turasky Meats was founded in 1949 as a slaughter facility, and now produces a variety of products including ham, bacon, Italian Beef, sausages and more. The company processes meat for private label and co-packs for other protein snack companies.

“As we get started in our new facility, we could expand into 30,000 square feet of additional space if needed, to support growth,” Turasky said. “Within a year, we will be SQF-certified and could separate a section of the facility into specialty pet treat manufacturing. I want to keep our diversification as the market has changed throughout this year of uncertainty.”

The company will continue selling to grocery stores and restaurants in Central Illinois, and will keep its venison processing business. The new facility will help ease Turasky Meats’ production capacity, which has been running at 110% for many years now, Turasky said.