LOS ANGELES – Golden West Food Group and Cooks Venture added $10 million in Series A funding to the $14 million the two companies netted this year. Golden West Food Group led a $4 million funding round in January for Cooks Venture to expand distribution of its premium chicken nationwide.

The Series A investment will help in the development and commercialization of Cooks Venture on a national scale and the funding of the company’s regenerative crop management program. Vernon Calif.-based Golden West Food Group manufacturers premium food products.

“I have been in the industry for 30 years and I know when I see a movement as opposed to a trend. Cooks Venture is not a trend,” said Josh Solovy, president of Golden West Food Group. “We are proud to support Cooks Venture and CEO Matthew Wadiak as he builds an innovative, transparent food company.”

Wadiak, founded Cooks Venture which sources poultry from chicken producers who use regenerative agriculture methods to improve water quality, increase biodiversity and help capture carbon in the soil, among other benefits.

“As the structural flaws in the meat industry have recently become painfully clear, we know our vision could not come at a more important time,” Wadiak said. “We are working hard to drive the agricultural industry toward greater biodiversity, breed diversity, and true transparency for consumers. Our innovations provide food security while supporting regional communities.”