BROOKLYN, NY. – By sourcing meat from farmers who primarily supplied foodservice-based customers prior to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Brooklyn Cured founder Scott Bridi has expanded the premium charcuterie line of products the company offers its retail customers. Citing the growing demand for pre-sliced, packaged charcuterie meats, Brooklyn Cured expanded its pre-sliced offerings from five to seven with the addition of its Chorizo sausage and Spicy Beef Salami. The company’s portfolio now includes more than 35 items, available in numerous regions across the United States. 

The company’s product line includes a variety of artisanal salami, sausages, deli meats and snack packs made from antibiotic-free, pasture-raised meat. 

“Due to a decline in restaurant sales, some farmers did not have as many outlets for meat as they are accustomed to,” Bridi said. “Our mission is to promote sustainable agriculture, so we connected with farmers who typically supply restaurants so we could support them during these times.”