KANSAS CITY, MO. — What will beef processing plants look like in the future? It’s a question many industry leaders think about, but one startup already has a different vision.

Officials with Israel-based Future Meat Technologies still see cattle there. But next to that there’s also a station where people are building cultured meat in a cell-based meat lab operating alongside it.

In this week’s MEAT+POULTRY Podcast, Eran Groner, head of business development at Future Meat Technologies, discussed the progress the cultured-meat company is making during 2020. Groner described the cell-based meat process to produce animal-based protein on the other end.

Next, he speculated about a timeline for mass producing of these cultured products and when that will be forecast might become reality.

Another point Groner made throughout the podcast is how Future Meat Technologies is scaling its operations while making the products an affordable option for consumers. He outlined the company’s strategy as it matures in the cell-based meat space, competing for consumers’ attention among the growing number of protein options.   

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