SPRINGDALE, ARK. – With an established commitment to practicing inclusion and diversity in the workplace, Tyson Foods Inc. reiterated its position on the respectful and fair treatment of all people in light of the tragic killing of George Floyd. In a June 8 open letter to the company’s employees, Noel White, president and chief executive officer, addressed the current and future action Tyson plans to take to protect the rights of people of all races and promoting acceptance of people regardless of cultural, religious and gender-related differences.

White said protecting the rights of all people by promoting inclusion and diversity in the workplace is a start.

“But it is clear that promoting a diverse and inclusive work environment is not enough. What will it take to eradicate racism and social injustice from our beloved country? I do not know,” White said. “However, at such a critical time, on such a critical issue, Tyson Foods is committing to further action.”

He said the “senseless and horrific killing of George Floyd” and many others before him is proof that protecting the rights of all people equally and fairly as a founding principle of the country is not being practiced universally in the United States.

“Each time we witness a tragic injustice, it reminds us that our country, our values and our beliefs are threatened by those who fail to grasp that they are attacking all of us each time they treat anyone with less respect because they are different,” White said.

As a symbol of Tyson’s continued commitment, White outlined some of the actions the company has planned as it pushes for legitimate and long-lasting societal changes. In recognition of Floyd’s June 9 funeral, Tyson will implement a period of silence for 8 minutes and 46 seconds at all of its US facilities.

White added that the company committed to support the following organizations with donations totaling $5 million over the next three years: The Equal Justice Initiative, The National Museum of African American History and Culture, The National Urban League and The Executive Leadership Council. Employees will also have the option to choose a recipient organization from five options. 

White said work will continue and the company will maintain its support of its business resource groups throughout the company, which represent a wide spectrum of its workers’ backgrounds and belief systems.

“We commit to those who have suffered to never forget them and to do our part to prevent these situations from reoccurring,” White said. “To our Tyson team members, we commit to listen and take positive actions to address what we learn. To America, we commit to work with you to be the change that our country deserves.”