Most consumers eat breakfast alone. For many, where they eat has changed with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This is temporary and old eating habits will return. Further, even during stay-at-home orders, other than for dinner time, there has not been a lot of meal structure in many households. Parents and kids have been on different work, school and sleep schedules. The one constant for many, especially adults, has been to eat breakfast alone, if for any other reason, to simply have some alone time, some quiet. 

The Hartman Group’s 2019 Eating Occasions Dashboards report showed that more than half of consumers ate breakfast alone before the pandemic. Breakfast is also the least likely of all occasions to take place with friends.

Easy-to-prepare, heat-and-eat breakfast sandwiches, wraps and omelet bites are common options. Meat and poultry processors are well poised to manufacture products for these convenience foods. This includes sausage patties and crumbles, fully cooked bacon and ham slices. Get creative with seasonings and smoky flavors. Breakfast protein packs may include fully cooked meat cubes, cheese and a hard-boiled egg.