GOLDEN, COLO. — Coleman Natural Foods, the country's largest organic and natural meat company, has introduced Natural, Pasture Raised Rocky Mountain Goat, available at certain Whole Foods Market stores throughout the U.S. This new line of products is sold in the frozen meat section in leg, loin and rack in retail-ready packed bags; 1pc per bag and shoulders/stew meat cubed and vacuum-packed in bulk.

This new line was introduced in response to the growing demand by ethnic consumers in the U.S. for which goat is a central part of their diet and social traditions, namely Hispanics, Muslims and Caribbean Islanders. Coleman’s goat products are 100%sustainably farmed, humanely raised and grass-fed.

Raised in Colorado and Wyoming pastures, the meat is also free of antibiotics (A.B.F.), preservatives, hormones, nitrates, nitrites and M.S.G.; is 100% vegetarian fed (no animal by-products, pesticides or herbicides) and Halal-certified. Animals in this program are also raised by pre-certified farmers, have received source verification and are animal-welfare and food-safety certified by Steri-Tech, Charlotte, N.C.