NORTH SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA -- Meat & Livestock Australia’s (M.L.A.) latest nutrition campaign is designed to entice consumers to reach for red meat to prevent tired brains as well as low energy and concentration levels.

This marks the next phase of the ‘Red meat. Amazing food.’ campaign, which continues from the initial campaign launched in July 2009. It links the benefit of the five critical nutrients found in red meat (iron, zinc, vitamin B12, omega-3 and the amino acids in protein) with everyday brain function and highlights the adverse effects of low iron levels on mental performance for daily function.

Many consumers apparently don’t know that lifestyle choices, including eating nutrient-rich foods such as red meat, can affect their everyday brain performance, said Veronique Droulez, M.L.A.’s marketing manager — nutrition.

“This latest phase of the campaign will increase consumers’ awareness that a lack of nutrients – particularly iron – could be the reason for their poor brain function.” she said. “M.L.A.-commissioned research suggests that unfortunately when people are tired, they are less likely to reach for healthy, nutrient-rich options to increase their concentration levels. Our aim is to get consumers to consider the importance of their nutrition in feeding their brain to perform at their best every day.”

It’s important to continually reinforce red meat’s nutritional benefits, she continued. “This is particularly important when we’ve got red meat competing with a range of other protein sources for plate space at the dinner table,” Ms. Droulez said.

During the first phase of the campaign, it communicated to consumers the link between red meat’s nutrients and brain function. Consumer research conducted immediately following the campaign found that more than 85% of mothers with kids strongly agreed that the nutrients in red meat help the brain work properly.

The latest campaign began on Feb. 14 and runs until March 14. It includes two 30-second television commercials, featuring international movie actor Sam Neill. These are accompanied by online banner ads and radio advertisements, which position red meat’s brainpower nutrients as solutions to everyday complaints such as grumpiness, forgetfulness and poor concentration.

Point-of-sale material has been distributed to butcher shops nationwide and includes recipes for amazing meals including ‘on the ball meatballs’ and ‘memory stick kebabs’. The television advertisements, recipes and six new radio advertisements have been produced for Breakfast and Drive time radio stations in capital cities. These can be viewed and heard online: