EDMONTON, ALBERTA – Cargill signed a new agreement with TrustBIX, a provider of agri-food traceability solutions, to monitor chain of custody of cattle raised as part of the Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration (CBSA) program. Cargill launched CBSA to create a certified sustainable supply chain for Canadian beef.

TrustBIX provides independent validation of sustainable production practices within the cattle supply chain on behalf of CBSA using the Business infoXchange (BIX) proprietary traceability platform. Producers attach RFID tags to cattle and share information about the animals via BIX which validates cow-calf operations, feedlots, processors and abattoirs.

“TrustBIX is proud to be part of the journey to bring sustainably produced beef to the market,” said Deborah Wilson, chief industry engagement officer of TrustBIX. “It has been a collaborative work in progress, with the CRSB continuing to build on the existing framework showcasing the tremendous advantages of beef production to the environment. We will continue to support efforts in validating sustainable and best management practices to agri-food companies, providing assurance to consumers about their food.”

The CBSA program is based on a framework developed by the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. Key considerations include how producers are scored, what will be measured, guidelines for audits and auditors, and chain-of-custody requirements, among others.