LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Yum! Brands Inc. recently released its online 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility Report titled: ‘Serving the World’, which examines its social, environmental and economic impact based on company and external shareholder expectations and provides progress updates since the first report was issued in 2008.

"Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is helping us achieve our vision of building ‘The Defining Global Company that Feeds the World’," said David Novak, chairman and CEO. "We’ll make this goal a reality over time by building a famous recognition culture where everyone counts, making our brands dynamic and vibrant everywhere and demonstrating we’re a company with a huge heart."

Highlights include:

  • World hunger relief — Yum! Brands’ World Hunger Relief movement, the world’s largest private sector hunger relief effort, has raised nearly $85 million for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and other hunger relief agencies, providing nearly 350 million meals since its launch in 2007.
  • Environmental sustainability — Yum! and its brands are focused on providing environmentally preferable packaging around the globe. In September 2010, KFC US became the first quick-service restaurant to introduce a reusable food side container. By 2011, KFC US will reduce foam packaging use by 62% and reduce total plastic use by 17%. Pizza Hut US utilizes up to 50% recycled material in its pizza boxes and Taco Bell has eliminated more than 2 million lbs. of materials from select packaging.

The company provides balanced menu options available to consumers through offerings such as KFC’s Kentucky Grilled Chicken and Taco Bell’s Fresco Menu featuring seven items with nine grams of fat or less. The company has converted cooking oils to zero grams trans fat per serving in most countries. Yum! also helps promote a balanced lifestyle and physical activity through its website KeepItBalanced.com.

Taco Bell US has reduced sodium by 20% in the past the two years. KFC US has removed 1 million lbs. of salt annually from its menu.

KFC in Australia and New Zealand has implemented a sodium reduction initiative, removing more than 85 tons of salt from the diet of its consumers in the region and KFC in the United Kingdom has reduced sodium by up to 45% on some menu items. Pizza Hut has been testing significant reductions in sodium in core products in Korea, Canada and Australia. Reductions of up to 50% have been achieved and the company is looking to extend globally.