WOBURN, Mass. – Verde Farms, known for producing and processing grass-fed, free-range beef, announced on Feb. 10 that it received a $15 million investment from Vail, Colorado-based Manna Tree Partners.

“Manna Tree Partners shares our mission-driven commitment to providing consumers with beef that is better for people, better for the animal, and better for the planet and to craft products using only great-tasting, authentic ingredients like those you can find in your own cupboard at home,” said Dana Ehrlich, CEO of Verde Farms.

Ehrlich said the company will introduce ready-to-eat mealtime options and continue to expand its product lines across the US in the near-term and internationally in the long-term.

Founded in 2005, Verde Farms sources its meat from beef from Uruguay, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Products are 100 percent pasture-raised and are raised without growth hormones or antibiotics.

The company currently has items in Wegmans Food Markets, Walmart, Aldi, Harris Teeter, Amazon, BJs Wholesale Clubs, Schnuck’s, Fresh Thyme, Bristol Farms and rue Foods Kitchen.

“We believe Verde is well-positioned to become the brand of choice for these consumers based on their sustainability and animal welfare standards, superior-quality products, traceable supply chain, and a proven, sustainable business model,” said Brent Drever, chief operating officer of Manna Tree Partners.