ATLANTA – The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers aren’t the only teams gearing up for a head-to-head clash on Feb. 2.

Buffalo Wild Wings is offering “everyone in America” free wings if the game goes into overtime.

“Football fans love to have fun with our established connection to overtime, tweeting at us any time a game goes to extra time. That was taken to the next level last year when free wings were on the line, so we knew we had to bring this program back,” said Seth Freeman, chief marketing officer, Buffalo Wild Wings. “More football and free wings? Now that’s something all football fans can get behind and root for on Feb. 2!”

But Hooters, looking to topple the B-dubs wing wagon, took issue with the Buffalo Wild Wings promotion.

“Read the fine print,” Hooters said. “They’re asking football fans to come in two full weeks later, on a Monday afternoon during a specific four-hour time window to get their snack size “free wings.” Sounds like they’re hoping OT is long forgotten by then.”

So, Hooters made it’s own offer of free wings. Customers who are at Hooters when the game goes into overtime will get six free wings, any style tossed in any of the company’s 15 sauces or one of five dry rubs.

“No need to set a calendar reminder,” Hooters said. “No need to leave work early. No need to figure out what ‘snack-size’ means. If you’re already at Hooters, you’ll be served 6 FREE wings!”

The National Chicken Council is projecting that Americans will eat a record 1.4 billion chicken wings during Super Bowl LIV weekend. So, it seems that wings will be the ultimate winner no matter where they are eaten.