SAN FRANCISCO – Eat Just Inc. is propelling its plant-based Just Egg product into a new segment with the launch of Just Egg folded eggs.

Designed to fit inside breakfast sandwiches and on toast, the vegan egg alternative is made from mung bean protein, which tastes similar to a conventional egg, the company said. Just Egg contains no cholesterol, 7 grams of protein per folded egg and is non-GMO, egg-free and dairy-free. Its ingredients use 98 percent less water, 83 percent less land and emit 93 percent less CO2 than conventional animal sources, Eat Just said.

The folded Just Egg will be sold in an 8 oz. box of four in the freezer aisle beginning in April.

“2020 is the year that our work to build a world-class technology platform and compelling brand is being realized,” said Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of Eat Just. “It’s humbling to see the overwhelming response to our team’s hard work.”

The debut of the folded Just Egg follows the introduction of liquid Just Egg to US grocery stores last year. The company is planning a May roll-out for the next version of the Just Egg liquid format, which will have a cleaner label and be “creamier and more egg-like than many chicken eggs,” Eat Just said.

“Our team is second to none, and we’re excited for people to try what we’ve been working on,” said Chris Jones, vice president of product development for Eat Just. “We’ll keep making Just Egg tastier, more functional and enjoyable for omnivores, plant-based eaters and everyone in between.”