TETERBORO, N.J. — The Savory Business Unit of Symrise North America focused on three types of grilling products — marinades and table sauces, mop sauces and premium finishing oils — in developing flavors and seasonings for grilling sauces, said Joe Scott, product development chef.

“In developing flavors for marinades and table sauces, the most preferred ethnic and exotic flavors were replicated,” he said. “Tastes that resemble South Asian themes were created and featured in prototype table sauces such as Malaysian ranch, Chinese char sui and Moroccan tagine, each capturing the exotic tastes that are suited to grilled seafood, beef, chicken and pork entrees.”

He added the company also focused on improving familiar barbecue tastes.

“We achieved the sultry succulence of mop sauces native to St. Louis and the Carolinas, and we also turned to distinctive huli-huli to round out our mop sauce offerings,” Scott said.

The premium finishing oils offer the sweet and spicy flavor nuances associated with Caribbean, Mediterranean and Chinese cuisine.

“Symrise now offers exceptional flavors and seasonings to create new grilling sauces with year-round appeal for consumers who are looking for enticing and novel tastes in meat, seafood and vegetables,” said Emmanuel Laroche, vice-president, Marketing and Sensory Consumer Science Department, Symrise North America. “Our Savory Business Unit and M&SCS collaborate to create new product development concepts that address consumer interest in tastes that go beyond traditional grilling flavors.”