HURON, S.D. – Dakota Provisions went big after the company chose to create its first line of consumer products under the Dakota 44 brand.

Snack bites, salad toppers, deli meats, turkey bacon, ground turkey, whole turkey, ready-to-cook meatballs, butcher patties — no product category was left untouched, it seems. Coupled with on-trend flavor profiles, the category crossing Dakota 44 brand was developed to satisfy consumer cravings for flavorful, convenient and healthy protein options in a variety of formats to suit most eating occasions.

“We believe in your right to have crazy delicious food wherever and whenever you feel like it,” said Renee Robertson, senior marketing manager of Dakota 44. “And because we don’t believe in bland or boring eats, we’ve developed a brand with flavors and forms consumers desire but haven’t found in their grocery stores yet.”

Dakota Provisions is a company of 44 grower-owners in the Hutterite faith community. With 500 years of combined experience in meat production and processing, Dakota Provisions has evolved into a technologically sophisticated business from a grass-roots cooperative in the Midwest.

MEAT+POULTRY caught up with Robertson to get up to speed on a brand that aims to bring more than turkey to consumers’ tables.

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