COLUMBUS, Ohio – White Castle wants to offer an addition to traditional Thanksgiving Day meals. The well-known burger chain is releasing its Original Slider Stuffing recipe once again.

The recipe calls for White Castle Sliders along with celery, vegetable broth, pepper, sage and thyme to be mixed for a different dish. This year, White Castle said its new Impossible Slider from the Impossible Foods could also be used in the recipe.  

“We introduced our White Castle Original Slider Stuffing nearly 30 years ago, and it continues to be an appetizing and anticipated addition to the Thanksgiving dinner menus of our loyal Cravers across the country,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle. “This year, we’re excited to introduce a new version of our traditional recipe using the Impossible Slider, giving our vegetarian Cravers a non-meat option they're going to love.”

White Castle stuffing recipe started in 1991 when a company team member modified her grandmother’s family stuffing recipe with a bunch of sliders. The fast-food company said sliders are available in retail frozen food cases throughout the country or from any of its US locations.

Full recipes can be found here.