1. Cargill plant explodes in Kansas injuring 2 employees


The company said it is investigating the incident.

2. The smoldering impact of Tyson's Holcomb fire


The beef industry stops, drops and rolls after incident in SW Kansas.


3. Cattle dealer sentenced for selling adulterated food


Cory Gillette pleaded guilty in US District Court.

4. Tyson Foods shuts its Yappah


The protein snack made from “forgotten ingredients” debuted last year.

5. Tyson halts operations at two plants after weekend storms


Tropical Storm Nestor was the latest weather-related closure at the Vienna poultry plant.


6. US Senators seek inquiry into JBS business


The letter asked the US Treasury to look into dealings with Brazilian and Venezuelan companies.


7. PETA releases undercover video at Indiana pig farm


JBS cut ties with the company.


8. Shelly Stayer to continue Johnsonville’s success story


As the third chairperson in Johnsonville’s 75-year history, Shelly Stayer sets lofty goals for the sausage giant.


9. Chemical spill prompts Pilgrim’s Pride plant evacuation


Ten people were treated, then released from local hospital.


10. Author of new red meat study failed to disclose ties to food industry


The analysis said eating red meat did not present any health risks.