FRISCO, Texas – Sadler's Smokehouse, Ltd., which calls itself North America's leader in premium, pit-smoked meats, claims the growing popularity of barbecue across the United States in 2010 has boosted its sales and distribution. Retail and club distribution has increased to more than 7,000 stores, and year-to-date sales of brisket, dinners and other Sadler's products are up 15% in this channel.

Smoked brisket, traditionally a regional favorite in the south, is gaining popularity throughout the US as consumers are adding it to their weekly menus. To meet growing demand, the company has partnered with 15 of the top 20 US grocery retailers, and five of the top six foodservice distributors in the US. As a result, Sadler's premium pit smoked, heat-and-serve brisket, pork and ribs are now available in 42 states, from Texas to Minnesota and California to Florida.

Sadler’s also recently added an online ordering capability to its website to meet demand for its pit-smoked brisket in outlying areas.

"In the current economy, more people are dining at home, yet still want bold flavors and restaurant-quality meals that are quick and easy to prepare," said Greg Klein, Sadler's Smokehouse executive vice president of marketing. "Sadler's authentic, pit-smoked meats offer the taste and convenience today's consumers want. That's been a key driver in bringing our products to states like California and Washington where they've never been before."

All Sadler’s meats are carefully selected, trimmed, seasoned and smoked slowly by longtime pitmasters for hours. Its products are sold fully cooked and feature packaging designed for easy heating in the oven, microwave or on the grill.