MILWAUKEE – Strauss Brands announced on Oct. 21 that it will drop its plans to build a  175,000 sq.-ft. headquarters and meat processing plant at Milwaukee’s Century City business park.

During the past week, the company has faced protests from animal rights activists, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Later, an alderman on the Milwaukee zoning committee changed his position at the latest meeting.

"It was our hope that Strauss Brands' move to Milwaukee’s Century City neighborhood would have created jobs, provided an economic boost, and inspired other businesses to follow suit," said Randy Strauss co-owner and CEO of Strauss Brands in a statement. "We honor and respect the opinions of the community and don’t want to make our home in a place where our presence would not be seen as a benefit. Therefore, we are no longer pursuing relocation to Century City."

In September, Strauss announced the plan to move its operations from Franklin, Wisconsin, a south suburb of Milwaukee, to the northern part of the city. The company said at the time that it would employ 250 workers at the new location. 

Strauss processes grass-fed and organic beef as well as lamb and veal for customers in the Wisconsin area serving the retail and foodservice segments.