TOOWOOMBA, Australia — Cleaver’s Organic, a grass-fed, free-range beef brand in Australia, announced it achieved 100 percent carbon neutral status and will launch its product in the US.

The company said it completed carbon offsets for all the carbon emissions in its production activities. A carbon offset represents one ton of carbon dioxide-equivalent greenhouse gas that has been prevented from entering the atmosphere.

“Becoming a 100 percent carbon neutral meat company allows Cleaver’s to take responsibility for our footprint and our carbon emissions – across our entire business and every product we produce,” said founder and CEO Alister Ferguson. “Our business involves everything from animals grazing in grassy paddocks to delivering products to customers. By calculating our footprint for everything we do, Cleaver’s has undertaken the responsible challenge of knowing and managing our actual cost in carbon emissions.”

According to Cleaver’s, its carbon offsets have been verified by the Carbon Reduction Institute and the company only uses the International Gold Standard Certification of verifiable carbon credits prescribed under the Kyoto Protocol.

Along with the carbon neutral announcement, the company said it will start selling in the US market.

“Knowing that people in the States are moving toward healthier choices in their diets, we believe the move here is what you Americans call a no-brainer,” Ferguson said.

Cleaver’s products are certified organic, grass-fed, free-range and Non-GMO Verified. They are fed entirely on organic pastures and supplements, are never given growth hormones, and have access to sunlight and fresh clean water.

Ferguson also stated that farms are independently audited by the certifying body to be sure they comply with our Australian organic standards, which are stricter than the US. The beef also has no added preservatives, colors, flavors or hormones.