RANDERS, Denmark – Danish Crown, the largest pork processor in Europe, launched a new logo and new branding efforts on Sept. 16 along with a push toward more emphasis on sustainability.

The brand changes will be seen at 75 facilities in 23 different countries around the world. Danish Crown also updated its website. The company said the new corporate logo will start to appear on products in the coming months. 

“We want to create a closer link between our farmers and our consumers and to make it easier for consumers to make climate-friendly choices,” said Jais Valeur, CEO of Danish Crown. “Today, we are setting a clear direction for owners and employees; and we are sending a clear message to our customers and society in general about our vision to create a more sustainable future for food. We are changing the old Danish Crown corporate brand into a new brand identity that brands both company and products.”

Valuer also explained why sustainability strategies would be a significant focus for the company in the future.

“We have given ourselves a challenge to produce more sustainably,” he said. “Our farmers and employees want to deliver that change and we have to be better at communicating our story.”

Earlier in 2019, Danish Crown set the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by 2030 across the entire supply chain. The company also mentioned that 90 percent of Danish pigs come from sustainability-audited farms – and even more pigs are on their way.

As part of the rebrand, all Tulip Food Co. facilities will change their names to Danish Crown Foods. The name will still be on product brands but not in corporate locations.

“The new consumer demands require that we move closer together throughout our value chain and that we create the link back to the farmers behind the products,” said Kaper Lenbroch, CEO of Tulip Food. “We feel at home under Danish Crown, which gives us an obvious opportunity to use our sustainability agenda to further strengthen our current product brands.”

In August, Pilgrim’s Pride Corp., a subsidiary of Brazil-based JBS SA, announced that it will acquire Tulip for $354 million (£290 million).