BRIDGEWATER, N.J. – To mark the start of the school year, Applegate Farms, a subsidiary of Hormel Foods, developed the “Lunching Awesome” campaign to reach its younger consumers. The initiative is designed to share desirable sandwich recipes and offer a simple sandwich guide.

A recent survey by Applegate found that 70 percent of parents are looking for new and easy sandwich recipes. However, the survey also showed that 15 percent of parents said they do not have enough time to make their children’s lunches.

“I work at a meat company and still have a hard time making lunch interesting for my two children,” said Nicole Glenn, Applegate vice president of marketing. “Sandwiches can be easy to make, but there are also lots of things that can go wrong. If the bread is soggy, the ingredients too bland, there’s too much mayo…not enough mayo, there’s a chance that sandwich is coming back home uneaten – or worse – going in the trash.”

The company created a three-step guide for the ultimate sandwich, starting with meat. Next, Applegate said bread is important because it stands up but doesn’t overwhelm sandwich fillings.

Finally, piling on ingredients that are crunchy, creamy and tangy is the way to top off a perfect sandwich, according to Applegate. Crunchy ingredients, like a good piece of bacon, offer texture. Creamy is another essential to accompany meats. And tangy ingredients add punch and balance to meats or cheeses.