DENVER- Based just east of Denver, Prosper Meats is the latest online meat retailer to add certified organic beef to its offerings.

The company’s business model is based on producing grass-fed, corn-fed or certified organic grass-fed and finished beef. Appealing to customers’ preferences is the goal.  

“Honesty is everything. I want to make sure our customers get exactly what they think they’re getting when they buy our beef,” Prosper Meats Founder Mike Visser said. “We follow the rules. We make sure we do everything right.”

Visser stated his skepticism of grass-fed beef companies that import cattle from overseas.

“I don’t trust other people’s meat. I bought a grass-fed, local animal from a local rancher and later found out he finished it [the cow] on corn,” Visser said. “So, it wasn’t grass-fed. They put it on corn the last 90 days.”

The company also said its cuts of meat are sourced from animals produced without antibiotics or growth hormones.

Beef boxes and other meat products are available from the company’s website.