COLUMBUS, Ohio — White Castle announced it plans to partner with Uber Eats to offer delivery from more than 300 White Castle locations.

To promote the partnership, from July 30 until Aug. 31, the two companies will give 10 free original sliders with any $10 purchase if ordered through the Uber Eats app.

The iconic quick-service burger chain will also start offering a new meal deal based on the pricing from the 2004 film Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, as part of a new campaign. Uber Eats customers on July 31 can order 30 sliders, five orders of French fries and four Cherry Cokes for $23.40. 

"At White Castle, we're always working to improve the access and ease of enjoying our iconic sliders for our loyal customers across Craver nation," said Lisa Ingram, CEO at White Castle. "In 2004, we learned of a daring and arduous trip that two fans took to fulfill their cravings. Today, we're happy to partner with Uber Eats to take our delivery capabilities to an entirely new level and make sure we're meeting customer needs where and when they arise."