WINDOM, Minn. – Comfrey Farm, a pork processor in Minnesota, announced that it launched two new programs on July 16 with the Certified Duroc pork and No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) Certified Duroc.

“Our trusted family farmers share our passion and commitment to investing the necessary time, care and money into pedigreed animals and healthy raising practices in order to produce the antidote to the pale, dry pork found in most grocery stores today,” said Ernie Davis, CEO. “Our ruby-pink meat is a visible sign that shoppers will be purchasing pork that is consistently more tender, juicier and flavorful.”

The company’s pigs are sired by registered, purebred Durocs specially bred and not produced for efficiency or leanness. Pigs are fed a 100 percent vegetarian, vitamin- and mineral-packed diet consisting of locally grown grains with no artificial ingredients or growth promotants, including no Paylean. 

“We’re proud to offer a USDA all-natural, Certified Duroc program,” Davis continued. “Today’s consumers want to know where their pork is coming from, and more and more US high-end grocers and restaurants are telling us that their preference is to carry ‘no antibiotic ever’ meat.” 

The Comfrey Farm’s Windom, Minnesota, facility features a plant that combines precision temperature control, advanced robotics, and the hand-trimming expertise of butchers. The company said this locks in flavor and freshness and enhances the meat’s appearance. 

Combining pedigreed genetics, consistent farm and feed regimen and plant protocols led to the pork products for Comfrey that feature marbling, ruby-pink color and optimal pH levels.