MILFORD, Conn. – Subway is planning to remodel more than 10,500 restaurants across the United States by the end 2020.

The company and its vendors will provide approximately $100 million in grants to help fund the upgrades. Nearly 1,400 restaurants across the globe have already been remodeled, with an additional 900 currently underway.

Subway said the grant program is one part of its multi-year global transformation plan. In addition to updated, modern restaurant designs, the company is focusing on new flavors and menu items as well as greater convenience.

Last year, the restaurant chain announced an $80 million investment aimed at expanding flavor offerings and creating a more personalized experience for guests. The program included regionally targeted flavors and beverage stations featuring tropical, fruit-flavored lemonades and limeades. The new program already is in 14 countries including France, Brazil, Singapore and Australia and will be available to restaurants in the United States this summer. Along with the updates, the company introduced cheesy garlic bread, a line of spicy wraps and baked King’s Hawaiian bread at select restaurants this year.

“By participating in the remodel program, franchise owners are making a commitment to enhancing their guests’ experience and showing their trusts in the brand,” said Don Fertman, chief development officer at Subway. “Together, with all that is going on with our global transformation, we are taking this brand to an exciting new level.”