MIAMI – Burger King restaurants began serving tacos alongside traditional menu items starting July 9. The company is touting its $1 Crispy Taco item as the perfect on-the-go snack.

“We’ve seen success with tacos in our west coast restaurants and knew it was time to bring this west coast crowd-pleaser nationwide,” said Chris Finazzo, president, North America, Burger King Corporation. “The Crispy Taco adds variety to our snacking items and truly hits the spot.”

Burger King launched campaigns in support of the Crispy Taco promotion across social media platforms and television. A new commercial shows Burger King reps in Austin, Texas, asking passersby if the new crispy taco “has enough crunch to satisfy the local taco experts.”

The tacos are available at participating Burger King restaurants as a limited-time menu item that can be added to any meal order for $1.