LIVINGSTON, Calif. – Foster Farms announced its new digital advertising campaign that publicizes the company’s free-range chicken becoming available to millions of customers on the West Coast.

According to the Foster Farms release, its Simply Raised, No Antibiotics Ever free-range chicken is now available at leading supermarkets from San Diego to Seattle.

“Consumers are increasingly interested in where their food comes from and how it is raised,” said Helen Kurtz, Foster Farms’ chief marketing officer. “Simply Raised is already grown without antibiotics, farmed locally and certified by the American Humane Association, so it was a natural next step to provide outdoor access for our flocks and raise them free range. Our new advertising and refreshed packaging shine a light on a great choice for chicken, that’s now even better.”

The tagline for Foster Farms is “Feels Good to Be Free Range.” One of the big features of the campaign is a series of commercials of chickens doing freestyle dance moves set to 90s pop songs. The commercial are on YouTube but will debut on streaming platforms starting July 1. 

“We’ve always tried to bring a smile along with great chicken to our consumers,” Kurtz added. “What’s new is an all-digital approach to media that enables us to reach them at home, online, on the go and in-store.”