MADISON, WIS. — Sliced, ready-to-eat meats, which account for up to one-third of total deli sales, are the backbone of the supermarket deli. Meat and deli department managers can help their deli meat sales stay strong by training associates to answer questions and help customers choose the meats that best meet their needs and preferences through an online training program called Deli Meat: Product Knowledge for Retail Staff.

The program is designed to teach deli-department associates to provide customers with meal solutions centered on sliced deli meats. The International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association partnered with LearnSomething Inc., Tallahassee, Fla., along with sponsors Armour-Eckrich, Sara Lee, Jennie-O Turkey Store, and Hormel and several major retailers, to develop this online course.

The course promises to introduce a deli sales staff to the world of ready-to-eat, deli slicing meats. Staff will learn to answer questions such as what's the difference between this turkey breast and that one; what do you suggest for a great snacking meat; and is deli meat a healthy choice?

Associates’ knowledge about the general characteristics, nutritional value, flavor, and menu concepts of popular varieties of deli beef, turkey, and ham will be expanded by the deli meat e-learning program.

Five stand-alone modules are included in the program:

  • Deli Meat Basics helps associates understand the importance of deli meats to the department and the factors that affect cost and quality, as well as providing a basic overview of three main types of deli slicing meats.
  • Deli Ham covers information about these ham types: Honey/Brown sugar-cured Ham, Boiled Ham, Prosciutto, Black Forest Ham, and Virginia Ham.
  • Deli Beef presents information about these beef types: Roast Beef, Smoked Beef, Pastrami, Corned Beef and Pepper Beef.
  • Deli Turkey delivers key information about these turkey types: Oven-roasted Turkey Breast, Smoked Turkey Breast, Specialty-flavored Turkey Breast, Glazed Turkey Breast and Turkey Ham.
  • Putting It All Together–Deli Meat uses a customer interaction scenario to help associates apply their knowledge for higher sales.

This course is a companion to the courses Prepare to Serve: Product Solutions for Customers, Fresh Perishable Foods and Cheese: Product Knowledge for Retail Staff. The series motivates associates to provide extraordinary customer service on the sales floor and to stay focused on the importance of product knowledge and solution selling.

All three courses include a customizable tracking and reporting system. Quantity discounts are available, and I.D.D.B.A. members receive an additional 10% discount.

Courses can be assigned and results tracked via LearnSomething’s customizable learning management system, or hosted in a corporate L.M.S.

For more details, visit and click on "Training." Or contact [email protected] or [email protected]. LearnSomething Inc. is a leading provider of e-learning solutions for the food, drug, and healthcare industries. For more information, visit